Layla is 6 months!

[almost 7 months now:P]

Just a quick update: as of now, layla can roll alllll over, crawl, and sit up! She babbles [aka she says mama all the time;)] & blows bubbles/raspberries whatever. She loves jumping in her lil jumperoo. Not a huge fan of the baby food...which is ssssuper frustrating for me... i think that's about it. oh ya, she pulls herself up to a nice standing position in her crib. lowering that sucker today.

We got some pictures taken with a fun summer theme with miss laylabug:) She has quite the personality...sometimes it was hard for her to cooperate but we [RiKenna] was able to get some good ones. I was merely her assistant:) We made tons of noises and dangled & squeaked toys to get her to focus. Baby pictures are a lot of work! Good job, as always, RiKenna!

Enjoy these lovelies:)

Photo Cred: RiKenna Lines


what i've been up to.

heeeyyyy. so i've been kiiinda busy for the last month with etsy! pretty exciting and fun. i like that i'm getting paid for my new found obsession!:) here are the things i've sold!

good ol caroline david from safford ordered 6[!] for people for christmas. i only have pictures of 4 of them.

their wedding date is over "together forever"
not the greatest picture but whatevs.
it's also purple and cream.
hard to tell.
i made this one for my ma for christmas.
inside family saying i guess you could say.

my mom loves this quote and my mom showed her the sign i have at my house so i made one for her!
the wood was already chippy and wonderful and made the distressing awesome.

k, funny story about this one [below]. if you notice it looks the same as a sign a few pix u [brown instead of red] weeeelll, a girl had ordered it for her mom and gave me the list of dates. so i made it and sent it to her. a few days after christmas i get an email from a lady saying her daughter ordered a sign but one of the dates was wrong. the daughter had her dad verify the dates and verified his own birthday wrong! it cracked me up. men;) so i made a new sign and she paid full price--i said she could just send back the sign and pay for shipping but she was willing and happy to pay for a whole new sign.
people on etsy are nice:)
the girl who ordered these is a repeat customer:) i made her a bigger juniper street sign and she sells jewelry which are now at 2 stores and she asked for these so she could put them next to her jewelry. i had to redo one of them a couple times because i got a little crazy with the sanding and took off a bit too much.
i made a few signs just to sell on etsy hoping someone will want them for vday day-core in their casa.
no takers yet.

i was kinda dreading this one because, i mean, look at it. all those words and alternating colors. geeeze. it wasn't so bad. kinda tricky but turned out to be just fine. the girl likes it, yay, and i will ship it asap.
busy lil b!:) oh yeah, layla has been keepin me busy too. wanting all kinds of attention and junk. whatevs. i can handle it.

check out my junk!


just pictures.

here are some pictures of lil miss layla! enjoy katie;)

[2 months]

[just reading the very hungry caterpillar]

[watching us decorate the tree]

[christmas photoshoot. get ready.]